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Prof. Dr. Ralf Peters

Prof. Dr. Ralf Peters
Prof. Dr. Ralf Peters

Prof. Dr. Ralf Peters

Prof. Dr. Ralf Peters

Academic Vita:

  • Professor for Electronic Business at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg, since 2003
  • Habilitation (Dr. habil.) on electronic markets and automated negotiations at the University of Hamburg, Institute for Business Information Systems, in 2001
  • Habilitation scholarship from the DFG 2000-2001
  • 1st prize at the "3. Meistersingertreffen" in Bayreuth (Habilitation prize from the WKWI) 1999
  • Dissertation (Dr. rer. pol.) on evolutionary game theory at the University of Hamburg, Institute for Allocation and Competition, in 1997
  • Degree in Economics (Dipl. Volkswirt) at the University of Hamburg in 1996
  • Degree in Technical Computer Science (Dipl. Ing. Inform.) at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg in 1990 (former Fachhochschule Hamburg).
  • High School Leaving Certificate (Abitur) in 1986

Industrial experience:

  • 10 years' experience in the computer industry
    • Head of software development at moving-objects GmbH, Hamburg
    • Lead developer of a Java EE application framework at WMD GmbH, Hamburg
    • Consulting of a major german retailer in the field of e-commerce, BPR and Content-Management
    • Software architect of an object-oriented 4GL-Tool at WMD GmbH, Hamburg
    • Conception and development of an interactive TV-game for the german TV-channel NDR3 (nightly broadcasted for some years)
    • Software Developer of graphical components for a laboratory system of the environmental office of Hamburg
  • Author of numerous commercial software products, both computer applications and games (see publications)

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